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Medal of Honour Limited Edition v Call of Duty Black Ops – A Review

October 26, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Ok those who know me are very familiar with my love of first person shooters and it amazes me to see the progress that has been made from the first shooter I remember playing – the original Castle Wolfenstien.

While I love games I’m not fully immersed in the gaming world so for those that are my apologies if this review covers old ground.  There have been a number of releases lately for shooters and I recently purchased two of them – Medal of Honour, Limited Edition and Call of Duty.

Medal of Honour


The Medal of Honour (MoH) series began in 1999 and has covered a number of different battles predominantly focused on World War 2 until the most recent release which places the player in Afghanistan.  Currently published by Electronic Arts and developed by Danger Close (formerly Dreamworks Interactive) this series has a strong following and I still pull out the original games every now and then to go through them.  Weaponry is always appropriate to the period and the games have a strong storyline where the player changes characters throughout the game seeing the war or battle through different perspectives.


The latest MoH sees you play several characters –

  1. ‘Rabbit’ who is part of a Tier 1 team (According to the game developers – “The Tier 1 Operator functions on a plane of existence above and beyond even the most highly trained Special Operations Forces. Their exact numbers, while classified, hover in the low hundreds. They are living, breathing, precision instruments of war. They are experts in the application of violence”.
  2. “Private Adams” of the US Rangers; and
  3. a United States Apache helicopter pilot.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound is incredible approaching cinematic quality.  With a quality surround sound system you can hear the whistle of bullets and approach of team members from behind or beside you while the corresponding graphics paint a clear picture of the environment “you” are in.

New Features

New features include:

  • the ability to slide to cover – making it more realistic;
  • peek and lean;
  • and being able to request ammo from your team members.

The peak and lean is a feature that I feel has been missing on these games for some time – it works so well in games such as Quantum of Solace and Gears of War and I have never understood why it hasn’t previously been available.


The storyline holds your interest and is not too complicated although it does seem similar to many other MoH games previously released.  The AI is good running both your team members and enemy although enemies tend to appear in the same position each time you play allowing you to pre-empt your locations when you play levels again.  However, there are so many variations in terrain that you can have a lot of fun deciding which spot is best for maximum kills.

What is Bad About It?

A failing in this game was that it was over too quickly – a failing also evident in Modern Warfare 2.  As I noted I am not what I would consider a hard core gamer but I finished the single player campaign in a little over 10 hours on the toughest setting.

What is Good About It?

That said the interaction is fantastic and you get to play with some really cool weapons in addition to calling in missile strikes, strafing runs and flying an Apache helicopter.

Call of Duty



The Call of Duty series were originally created for the PC and then moved into gaming consoles.  They are a first and third person shooter series which have covered World War 2, current day conflicts in the Middle East and Eastern Russia and with the most recent game the Cold War.  It is published by Activision and developed by Treyarch although over its history numerous game houses have worked to develop the series.


The more recent games have included a great feature called zombies where you get to fight off successive hordes of zombies in some of the games main settings and with weapons throughout the game.  This is a great feature and provides for hours of fun – at least for me who just loves anything to do with Zombies – and this continues in Black Ops where you play President Kennedy defending the White House.


The storyline in this game is fairly intense and does jump around a bit.  It is a little predictable – I picked the ‘twist’ early on in the game but this did little to lower my enjoyment levels playing the game.  The scenes focused around the Cold War from the Bay of Pigs invasion to Vietnam are a welcome change from the familiar World War 2 and Modern Warfare settings.

Graphics and Sound

Like MoH the graphics and sound are incredible – while playing this game my wife walked in sat down and asked “Are you playing a game or watching a movie”.  The interaction between the enemies and your allies is well managed although can be limiting when you replay levels and have to ‘wait’ for other characters to catch up to you.


Enemies are challenging and there is a fair bit of freedom in the game – nothing like that in the Grand Theft Auto series or Far Cry 2.


The game allows you to play a several characters as the story develops and this makes it more interesting in addition to allowing you to access a broad variety of weapons.


Particular favorites for me were the hand held Molotov cocktail launcher and the scoped crossbow – kind of reminiscent of the Rambo movies.  You also get to have some fun flying a Mil Mi-24v attack helicopter – again one of my favorite aircraft growing up due to their use in Rambo 2.  This is one of the best games I have played recently and can understand the rave reviews it has received.

Comparison – Which is Better?

When I compare the games I would say that Call of Duty just beats MoH as the story is longer – or at least seems longer – with the AI providing a tougher resistance than in MoH – I struggled to complete it the first time on ‘Regular’.  It could be improved by less cinematic scenes in between levels, particularly as these become annoying when you play the game again and integrating in some of the features of MoH such as peak and lean and slide to cover.

Are They Suitable For Children?

I would highly recommend both games for adults but recommend parents check the ratings for each of these games before deciding whether those under 18 years of age should play them.

The Final Word.

For those that haven’t played first person shooters before they represent a great introduction to these games.  Equally for those persons who may have played these games sometime in the past and want to get back into them I could not think of two better options.

I would also say that with both releases Electronic Arts and Activision are pushing the standards for first and third person shooter games even higher.

The following websites contain more information on the games listed:

o www.medalofhonor.com

o www.electronicarts.com.au

o www.callofduty.com

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